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Future Water India Water Expo

Future Water India is going to run Water exhibition annually starting from 2021-22. FWI has a proud history and started as a Water and wastewater management and treatment publication. Since then it has grown to include a comprehensive and inspiring three-days water exhibition in the Southern region of India. 

Future Water India typically features the following components: 

  1. Three-day conference with a selection of keynote and invited speakers, scientific and technical papers, case studies, workshops, panel sessions and poster presentations 
  2. Large trade exhibition with 200+ exhibitors  
  3. Young Water Professionals pre-conference program  
  4. Water Leaders & Directors Program  
  5. The EXPO SPECIAL publication is a complete list of exhibitor profiles with details about the company, address & contact person which will be circulated to exhibitors and visitors all three days of Exhibition. 

Future Water India is planning to evolve and adapt into a digital conference with a combination of live sessions, pre-recorded presentations and an online exhibition marketplace.

We are looking forward to Future Water India Water Exhibition 2021-22, whether it’s in Hyderabad, Online or a combination of both so that the water industry can come together to share, connect and inspire.

Floor Plan, venue and dates will be announced shortly